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The Fat Lady Sings

Oh, honey - issues with men! I always used to pick the broken ones - ones that needed to be saved. My first husband was another fine example - I ended up with a congenial child completely dependent on me for every facet of his existence. Once again - all the responsibility on my shoulders. It sucked! I didn't start to change that until after my epiphany. I was 25, homeless, and had just missed losing my life. It was time to re-think everything. So I made a concerted effort to change - but it took years. I was in my thirties before I even began to feel grown up. And I still have issues with men!

Go ahead and try the ‘something different’. Move out of your usual sphere – it can’t hurt; not really. And I have to say - I don’t believe in the ‘one person in the whole world’ scenario. Everyone needs something different from a relationship. Some people crave drama – they need to be in high dungeon at all times. I think it’s a sex thing – sex after a particularly emotional confrontation can be mind-blowing. For other people, quiet compatibility’s the thing – no roller-coaster ride, just shared warmth. Me – I need intellectual stimulation – someone as smart, or smarter than me. No huge scenes, though. I don’t fight by screaming – I’m a rather logical creature.

Anyway – there is no wrong or right in any of these – just what feels best for you. So – if what you had before didn’t work, go for looking outside of your usual comfort zone. Who knows – this guy might hit all the right notes. And if it works with him, why look elsewhere? On the other hand, if you still sense something missing – keep trying that ‘different’ esthetic. You will run into someone who makes you happy. Have faith in yourself, my dear. You are someone worth loving – remember that.


Having a son to work out issues with men. That's exactly what I've thought about me and my son. It's not until he came along that I've finally realised that men are so much different to women.

Good luck with the dating thing ey?


I agree with above comment...try something different. I've hooked up with someone who is so different than me and so unlike anyone I've been with before and it has opened me up. We click in a mysterious way (to me) but it keeps "working" in it's way...not easy, and not very "socially acceptable" either, but so worth it.

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