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These are lovely, Nina. And a pretty good representation of your life, I'd say... but where's the obligatory coffee shot?

Happy New Year!

Sour Duck

Kimberly: :D You're right...

Lovely shots. I'm particularly intriugued by the "War of the Worlds"-like shot of the dam (or whatever that is).

Nice kid shots. And that ravioli is making me hungry. ;)


Well, I've already posted all my coffee fotos, and the deal was to go through everything I've shot this year and see if there was anything I wanted to put up before the new year.

SD, it's a grain elevator. And that was damn good ravioli.


?V F?n of the "road through the windshield" shots. I have several from the seat of the bike, where sometimes the top edge of my windshield is visible. I want my friends to share with what I find intriguing about a particular journey. Happy New Year!


That should have read, "I'm a fan of"


Great photos, Nina. I really like this idea.


Why did you make me wait so long for such great pictures? I like these.


Those are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

The Fat Lady Sings

Cool pics - I envy you the ocean. I'm land-locked here, and I do miss the smell of the sea. Life, I take it, is good - wonderful. Enjoy, my dear!


Why do you have no flickr account??

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