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Brave writing, my friend. Memory is a funny thing; its blurring can protect us from unbearable pain, or obscure that which we need to know and understand.


You have a beautiful kind of dignity. I think that every time I read your blog, but I especially wanted to put it into words today.


Brave, indeed.

Why isn't THIS required reading for middle schools? It might give the guys a clue about what it's like to be 'reduced' to body parts... and tears. It might be a vehicle for young women to defend, or at least buffer, themselves against the reality that threatens. It might, somehow, yeild serious conversation or instruction on 'crossing lines' and the hurt that it can cause.

The body has memory.
For some, such assaults leave an imprint on the body so that it only remembers the pain, and that memory then undercuts even the welcomed carress one might rightly desire.
Salt in the wound.

Thank you for your bravery, dignity and poignant articulation of memories that are all to easily left unspoken.

The Fat Lady Sings

The problem is - we tend to remember with an adult mind. As an adult, choices become obvious. I could have done this; I should have done that - things not possible when you are very, very small. It took seeing my friend’s three year old child to truly absolve myself of any culpability. My brother was the one responsible - not me. He was the adult, I was the child – any choices I made were with a child’s mind. Judging myself, adult to child is like comparing a minnow to a shark – same species, different perspective. So yes, memory can indeed be a very funny thing.


Dear One:

You have freed more with your stories than you know. Your courage has left me in awe tonight.

The Fat Lady Sings

I wanted to let you know your post, as well as several others on a variety of sites have prompted me to post some video of a performance piece I did regarding this subject. All this really pushed some buttons in me - so I felt the need to respond.
Sometimes I Hear My Voice


I always love your writing, and this one was so raw it blew me away. I like how it seemingly came out of nowhere, yet is so powerful. It is a glimpse into a very private part of you, and then the door is shut...

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