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Isn't it odd? It was an excellent thing. Badger and I keep looking at each other and saying, oh my god, that was so cool. I'm all afire.

Nancy White

Grin. Enjoy the feeling. No need to explain.

And maybe consider coming to BlogWalk Seattle? Sept 2? Email me!


It doesn't matter what other people think. It only matters what you think. It's your blog. Write for yourself and the audience will find you. If they don't like it or believe it, screw 'em.


Nina, I know what you mean. There was not only so much to take in, but so much of it was so positive that part of me feels like I need to keep pinching myself to tell myself that it was real. And I've had to try not to post about it since a couple of early posts for exactly the reasons you state above. It all sounds like hyperbole. I wish we'd had a chance to meet at BlogHer. Maybe in '06! =)

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