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Rod K

I always liked wearing the fun band aids to work. For me it especially wierd when they were real girly girl styles. I think I liked the connection with having fun and enjoying life like kids do. Now my girls are growing up and they have grown out of the fun cartoon character band aids. I think I'll go buy a box of cartoon band aids and replace all the regular plain ones :)

Cowtown Pattie

The Dinner Party:

"Oh, what a wonderful salad!", said the dinner guest. "And, there is this curious taste, do tell what your secret is!"

Never, thought Hannibal as he slyly tucked his Spidey-bandaged fingers into his smoking jacket pocket. He anticipated dessert would be a big hit as well, the made-from-scratch cream pie with its colorful flecks of red-stained coconut dusted across the luscious whipped creamed topping, certainly worth the extra effort and flesh...

For real, sorry you're wounded. Mom's should know better, huh?



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