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I love these photos... and wonder what the neighbors would think if I painted a Texas flag on our roof.

Cowtown Pattie

The wall photo turned out great! Did you know that I used that same photo of the barn with the Texas flag on it for Kman's 50th birthday cake? (the bakeries all do it now... take a photo and scan it into some kind of frosting machine that then puts it onto the cake top).

I'll be back in sec... gotta go pee.


I love the wall picture.


Thanks, y'all. Apparently, Dr. Pepper is so darn good for you, that you must drink it at 10, 2, and 4 everyday. Hence the "Drink a Bite to Eat" caption.

I gotta go pee, too!


I think blogging friends are just like penpals used to be and didn't people go and meet their penpals?

Blogging friends also smacks a bit of, 'I met him/her on the internet,' although I think more people are accepting of this these days.


Nice pics and travelogue.

I think 10, 2 and 4 were supposed to be when you need a little work-break


I've lived in Texas for a year now and I didn't know Dr. Pepper was made here. I was wondering why they called the small bottles "Dublin Dr. Pepper" I thought it was some Irish thing, but that didn't make sense. Thanks.

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