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Oh, man, I should be so much better at this!

6 is Wild World, and 8 is by Elvis Costello. Yes? No? Maybe so? I didn't google cheat, at least.

Cowtown Pattie

awww, man. I am a couple of generations lost here. "UNCLE"


1. Paul Simon, ???
2. Squeeze, Pulling Mussels from a Shell
6. Cat Stevens, Wild World
8. Elvis Costello, Radio
10. CSNY, Southern Cross
I can't do the others, but I have a feeling I'll bum out when 7 is revealed.


Je suis bilangue en francais.
The only one I know (after someone else pointed it out) was #6...


I got #2 and # 8 as posted above, though the correct title of the Costello song in "Radio, Radio" (I'm a pain in the ass too).

#4 is "Tennessee Plates" by John Hiatt.

#5 is "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered." Being too lazy to actually look up the songwriter, I will guess Gershwin.

Ronni Bennett

I'm so old that only No. 5 is familiar: "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" by Rodgers and Hart, recorded by hundreds.


#3 - Norah Jones, Come Away with Me


#7 is the lovely Emmylou Harris, though I don't know the name of the song.

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