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11 December 2010



That is so funny. What's a mama to do?


I mean seriously, he is SO friggin' excited about it. I felt like a real shit after trying to talk my way out of it. Resisitance is futile.


Speaking as a former honor roll student from the days before stickers of any kind were commonplace, I say good for you, and good for Hijo for earning it. Would that my parents had been supportive enough to boast about my achievements, even if a passive, my-kid-made-me-use-the-sticker-the-school-gave-us way.

Now, you realize, the suggestion of the possiblity that the sticker might have to come off the back window will be available should anyone develop a tendency to slack off in doing homework or study. Not that anyone I know would be stoop to such sly tactics, of course.


Yes, I plan to take full advantage of the removable nature of said bragging device. And you made my heart go all squishy for the honor student Paul of yore.

Donna Winter

You are a better mom than I am. I am pretty certain that there are students who are using the chemical fumes emanating from that nauseatingly scented decal to get high. #fact I think it's possible I'm high right now... hmmm, maybe this honor roll thing isn't so bad...


Congrats to Hijo. Ragdoll was beside herself thrilled with the honor as well.


No, no, I am not a better mom than anybody. We're all just doing our thing.

I saw Ragdoll's name on the list, and was not at all surprised. The school obviously did a good job of getting the kids excited about this.

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