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21 November 2010



what a neat thing to have. My blog will be two, soon, kind of...

Do you ever find yourself going back and re-reading old posts?


I have some favorite posts that I like to go back and find from time to time, sure. It makes for an interesting record of my life, too.


It's how I met you. Wasn't there some weird coincidence that we'd both written about and posted a photo about the rainy sky on the same day? Considering you were living in Seattle and me in Nova Scotia though, maybe that's not such a weird coincidence. But it did lead to a long discussion of synchronicity, which was great fun. And a long friendship.


It was the fog. We'd written about the fog.


Happy Octoblog! I can't remember which one of us found the other first, but I'm sure glad we did. :-)


Me too, Karen! One day we shall meet in person and drink that Ribera del Duero while listening to Squeeze.


Yay! Congratulations!

(ps - I'm writing again, at a new home!)


That's some time blogging. I came across your blog when I first started blogging over 6 years ago and have been checking in ever since.


Congrats Nina!

sylvia (aka heiresschild)

i started my blog in 2005 and started reading you on clubmom and have followed you since. i don't get to blog or read blogs as much as i'd like to these days, but i try to get around on the holidays. i've always enjoyed reading about your life with your son and the inspiriational pieces you write about and share with your readers.

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