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23 April 2007



Funny,,,,,my computer vision is getting a little fuzzy (one of those mid life "I really need trifocals" moments) and i swear you wrote "thanks to the mystery person who moved my lawn". I thought....wow....what a feat. I left town one weekend in December, and came home to house bedecked with Christmas lights...but moving a lawn. That would really be above and beyond.

Country Mouse

Don't you hate that — when you don't know whether to be grateful that someone did you a favor, or embarassed at the idea that maybe they did it because your lawn was bugging them?

Nonetheless, thank you, mystery person!


Mmm, I agree with Country Mouse.


lol my neighbour cleaned my house for me when I was away (she had keys to feed the cat) and I agree - what a backhander!!

But hey, she is allowed to feed the cat and do the rest ANY TIME I go away, because my gratitude is greater than my pride in these matters!

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