I nearly always read people's list of things about themselves. I like your list.


I like your list, too. Especially #6 (being from Vienna)

Mr. Smith

I should have gotten more than just the one kiss.


Great list. I laughed out loud at 60. And funny, but my best friend from high school worked at the Seattle Crisis clinic for years. I must ask him if he knew Ted Bundy.


Your life has been interesting. That makes you lucky! And that Ted, he gets around. I worked for some people for a while, and he used to babysit their kids. Also, whenever I would go on a date my mom would say, "Meet him somewhere public!" and I would say, "But Mom, he's *nice*!" and she would say, "So was Ted Bundy!"

Mary-Ann or alternately I answer to

I have never read a blog before, however when I googled "single working mom blog" just out of curiosity, yours was the top of the list. I have enjoyed it a great deal. You have a soft way of writing which is quite poignant. Having read yours, I aspire to writing 100 things about myself too. I guess that will be my #1.

Andrea Williams

My smile became wider, accompanied by wince or sigh for each item, as your list progressed.

I like you. A lot. If I constructed such a list, I would not be surprised to find five exact matches. But who knows where my thoughts would lead as I constructed such a list. You are more brave.

Maybe tomorrow I will do the same. Thank you.


Great blog! Love it


Very few people have a 50th.
You are young -- 25 is still in reach.
Or not -- it's your choice. It sounds like you've lived well with the choices you've made.

The list, and your most recent post, tell me you are doing well -- though you probably don't think so.

It's been a while since I've checked in here, but your reflections reminded me of how honest, earnest and refreshing your writing is. Oh, and your camera work is noteworthy too.

As ever, thanks for sharing.
Wishing you all the best...


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