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March 13, 2007


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I'm so sorry that happened to you. Fortunately, hospitals are GREAT with payment plans and they don't usually charge interest or report to credit agencies. Of course that doesn't make it suck any less to have another bill to think about.

I really have to second your last paragraph. If nothing else, women need to understand money and sadly, too many women rely on their partners for financial wisdom. They need to find their own.


Ya never know what lies 'round the bend ...
Can't tell ya how many widows I've had to teach to even balance a checkbook!
Money knowledge is important... for all of us!

Thanks for the encouragement. I always thought I was OK as far as the financial information base I had. Now, after exploring some of what it would take (financially) to be a single mom, I am on fast-forward to educate and take some needed steps. My personality is such that I hate hand-outs, and have always taken care of other aspects of my life - yes, women need to be able to take care of themselves in all manners! I cringe every time I hear mothers telling their daughters to "marry well." Honey, go out and make good for yourself, FIRST. I love your blog - keep up the great stories.

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