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I always knew I would make you squeal, one day.



despite Gary's encouragement in the past from his blog, I haven't visited before
boy, am I sorry it took this long
your blog is my favorite combination of colors
your posts include a great comment to the anti-abortionists and a pro poly comment
I think I am smitten
glad to have you to add to my bookmarks

Sour Duck

Hi there - it was great to meet you at the "Birds of a Feather Feminism/Politics" roundtable discussion!

"All the implications of what have happened today will have to be processed and brought to life rather slowly."

I agree; I thought I'd be posting right away about Blogher when I got home, but I find I need some time to process all the stuff I heard and learned while I was there.

I agree with you, the slideshow of quotes with blog headers was the best part, and I wish they'd included at least ten more quotes. It must've been a thrill to see yours! :)

Take care - Sour Duck

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